Industrial Robot
Industrial robots widely used in the industrial field
Improve production and manufacturing in various industrial scenarios.
Collaborative Robot
Collaborate with people in multiple fields
to reduce human labor intensity while improving production efficiency. Also used in educational, medical, agricultural and other scenarios.
Intelligent Integration
Utilize visual and digital technologies to help enterprises achieve transformation upgrading for more flexible production and services.

Robot testing and debugging

After the robot is installed in place, calibrate the mechanical origin of the axis

Robot cable connection and I/O signal setting

Connection between robot teaching pendant and control cabinet

Connecting to the main power supply, programming and debugging

Check power on and put into automatic operation

Robot repair and maintenance


     After long-term operation, the performance of precision components such as motors, gearboxes, and lubricants gradually decreases due to environmental factors such as wear, aging, and corrosion. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the degree of wear and aging of a certain component in thousands of components. In order to prevent faults from occurring, predictive maintenance and upkeep are needed to keep the robot in good condition, improve labor efficiency and service life.

      In addition, the company undertakes various maintenance issues and on-site maintenance services, which can achieve chip level maintenance and comprehensively ensure the completion of your production tasks.

Robot spare parts and robot recycling

   Provide mainstream brand robot components, such as controllers, drivers, motors, circuit boards, I/O boards, teaching aids, articulated wrists, reducers, wire cables, etc;

    Provide recycling services for old machines, allowing you to worry free.